Digital Marketing Professional – Jon DiPietro

2017 Candidate for School Committee in Manchester Ward 6

My name is Jon DiPietro and I’m running for Board of School Committee in Manchester’s Ward 6. I’ve lived in Manchester for 25 years and my 4 daughters have spent the equivalent of 30 school years in our public schools. I decided to run because we need to stop the can-kicking, navel-gazing, and fear mongering. The school district is facing many challenges that directly affect the parents, students, and taxpayers of Ward 6, all of which I have seen up close with my children. I believe we can meet these challenges with resolve, perspective, and rationality.

To learn more about my candidacy, please visit my campaign website:

DiPietro for BOSC…

Jon DiPietroI’m a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and author of “Social Media for Engineers and Scientists.” I’m currently a Digital Marketing Specialist and founder of Liberty Digital Marketing and founder of Candidate Boot Camp. Previously, I founded Domesticating IT, an inbound marketing blog and consultancy, and co-founded of, an educational website that teaches job seekers how to market themselves online. I hold leadership positions in the International Society of Automation, for which I’ve received multiple awards including the Emerging Leader Award. I am also a frequent speaker on Internet marketing and social media topics.

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