Work History

I like to describe my work history as a journey up the “information food chain.”  I began my career as an instrumentation and controls engineer, designing and maintaining automated machine control systems.  As technology advanced, I became more involved in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, interfacing with them to build ever more advanced data collection and reporting systems.  Eventually, I transitioned into developing enterprise software and database applications (primarily focused in areas of process and quality control).

Liberty Digital Marketing

Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist

October 2015 – Present

Liberty Digital is a new marketing consultancy that promises business owners and marketing managers freedom. Unlike traditional consulting businesses that aim to create a long term dependency, our goal is to eventually set our clients free by providing the knowledge and tools they need to secure their success.

“The pursuit of digital happiness.”

Candidate Boot Camp


November 2011 – Present

Candidate Boot Camp is a team of experienced campaign professionals with a goal to democratize democracy by lowering the barriers to running for political office. We offer non-partisan online candidate training and free resources to people who want to serve their fellow citizens but don’t have the budget to hire professional campaign consultants and staff.



January 2014 – September 2015

Authentia provides end-to-end digital marketing services for businesses who need sales growth. Authentia was formed in 2003 with an exclusive focus upon helping sales and marketing organizations improve their performance through best practices in CRM. My role is to expand the service offering to include demand generation through digital marketing services.


Principal and Co-founder

January, 2012 – Present
Manchester, NH

#CareerGravity is an online membership site that teaches professionals how to create an engaging, disruptive and effective digital footprint that take their careers to the next level. It shows them how to use surprisingly free and low-cost tools at the tactical level to create an explosive online presence, one that generates a gravitational pull with the power to expand their professional networks and attract new opportunities.

Domesticating IT

Principal and Founder

May, 2008 – Present
Manchester, NH

Domesticating IT is an inbound marketing consultancy offering a range of services that increases qualified visits to websites and convert more leads into customers. These services include CMS-based website design, blog integration, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing strategy, lead capturing and nurturing systems and web analytics.



September, 1997 – 2013
Manchester, NH

Owner of software development company that develops and implements a data management system for water/wastewater utilities and environmental laboratories.

  • Co-founded, built and operate software development company with products that currently manage data for nearly a thousand public water systems worldwide
  • Managed several large system integration projects for multiple fortune 500 companies
  • Duties include day to day business support activities, sales, marketing, business development, accounting, project management, and software development
  • Conceived, designed, developed, marketed, sold, implemented, and supported several commercial software products including:
    • QMS – An enterprise data management product for water and wastewater utilities that include modules for system maintenance, data entry, data import/export, generation of certificates of analysis, data warehousing, and web reporting and charting
    • VDP – Customer-facing web portal for analytical laboratories’ clients to access test results in real time, view and print certificates of analysis, perform ad-hoc querying and charting, manage corrective action incidents, and request testing
  • Engaged in various consulting projects (see Experience page for details)

Franklin Pierce College

Adjunct Professor

February 1999 – October 2002
Nashua, NH

  • Taught introductory computer programming classes to undergraduate computer science night school students
  • Developed curricula for several computer programming courses, lectured on the material, created and administered tests, and graded work
  • Consistently received high marks for presentation style and clarity of presentation from student evaluations

Plastics Forming Enterprises

Systems Development Manager

June 1994 – September 1997
Manchester, NH

  • Responsible for design, development, implementation, and support of computer control and quality analytics of plastic extrusion systems
  • Directed process control and information system engineering incorporated into the design of plastic recycling facilities around the world
  • Conceived and developed software product to compare production conditions to final product quality
  • Budgetary and purchasing authority for automation portion of multi-million dollar construction projects
  • Conducted on-site equipment start ups

Polyclad Laminates

Facilities Engineer

May 1990 – September 1994
Franklin, NH

  • Designed, developed, implemented, and supported all aspects of sophisticated, custom-designed automated manufacturing systems for copper clad laminate manufacturing company
  • Worked extensively with wide array of technologies including motor controls, switch gear, PLCs, VSDs, loop controllers, servo motion control, and SCADA systems for material handling and conveying, solvent incineration, web handling, pick and place, boiler, sheeting, HVAC, and clean room equipment