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What Do You Want to Know?

Without further ado, here are some shortcuts depending upon why you may be here:

  • General information and biography are found on About Me
  • Work History contains (wait for it…) a summary of my work history
  • The Experience page contains project descriptions, links and samples of various work product from over the years
  • Check out the Companies page for information on Bridge-Soft and Domesticating IT

How to Use This Site

I’ve arranged the pages and work experience posts on this site into categories and tagged them.  The tag cloud widget on the right side of this site contains a list of keywords that describe particular subjects or technologies covered on various pages or project postings.  Below the tag cloud, the category list provides higher level subject groupings.  Clicking on either of these will display a list of pages and articles linked to the tag or category.

“Hello World” is often the first thing that programmers will write when starting out with a new language, platform, environment, etc…