Candidate Boot Camp

Candidate Boot Camp logoI’m very proud to finally realize a six-year vision to launch an online training resource for political candidates who want to run for local office.

Candidate Boot Camp is a team of experienced campaign professionals with a goal to democratize democracy by lowering the barriers to running for political office. We offer online candidate training and free resources to people who want to serve their fellow citizens but don’t have the budget to hire professional campaign consultants and staff.

The training is entirely non-partisan. Our contributors have diverse ideologies and we believe that our political system is best served when as many citizens as possible are actively involved. The founding team is located in New Hampshire, where we know a thing or two about running for local office. There are 400 Representatives and 24 Senators, making NH the second largest legislature in the United States following the U.S. Congress. It is said that only the U.S. congress and the English and Indian Parliaments are larger.

Basic Training Course

This course is your virtual campaign expert. The Basic Training course includes over 2.5 hours of video instruction, plus 23 downloadable worksheets, checklists, ebooks, and sample scripts, spreadsheets, and calendars. The training modules include:

  • Orientation
  • Campaign Structure & Organization
  • Exploratory Phase
  • Pre-announcement
  • Announcement Day
  • Campaign Tactics
  • Growing Support

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